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The Liver Group Charity

Registered Charity: 1166985 (formerly 1024533)

Our Vision: Striving so everyone has a "Liver for Life"


A. hepatica

About Us

We are a medical research charity with the objective of improving the treatment of Liver Disease through research. Our focus has been on raising the funds necessary for the development of a Bio-Artificial Liver Machine - something that will prove as important to the treatment of liver disease as kidney dialysis is to those with kidney failure.

We are striving, so everyone has a 'Liver for Life'.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Charity, 'The Liver Group'(1024533) was closed in 2016, in order to reopen as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) called 'The Liver Group Charity'(1166985). This is the only material change and is a result of compliance with Charity Commission guidance.


Liver Disease itself is the 5th leading cause of death in the UK for under 65s, and the 2nd commonest cause of death in middle aged UK men.

Fortunately, thanks to the liver's unique ability to heal itself when given time, the researchers at the Royal Free Hospital, UCL, have developed a pioneering solution... A Bio-Artificial Liver.


    Liver Disease    


The work carried out by researchers at UCL, supported by The Liver Group Charity,  and funded by the 'Liver for Life' Appeal, has resulted in numerous research publications.

Current research projects include a large scale test of the Bio-Artificial Liver, Cryopreservation and Sepsis.




The "Liver for Life" Appeal

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The Liver Group Charity
c/o Professor Clare Selden
UCL Institute for Liver & Digestive Health
UCL Medical School
Royal Free Hospital Campus
Rowland Hill Street
United Kingdom

Tel:  +44 (0) 208 016 8374 

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